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Annunaki Amber

Ancient Alien Amber scored a 32 at the 2011 Indiana Brewers' Cup!  As the first original Kopacetic brew and the first beer entered in a competition, I could not have expected a better score!  Can't wait to brew it again, tweak it a bit and take it to Brewers' Cup 2012.  

Kopacetic 2.0

The move is done!  All moved in and that includes the brewery of course.  I haven't been able to brew since the BrewFest party on May 22nd.  It has been hard.  And now that I have everything all set up, its killing me not to brew.  But the brewery needs some fine tuning and maintenance.  Some tubes need replaced, the keggles need broken down and cleaned, and some minor adjustments and improvements before I dive back into the art and science which is brewing.

Kopacetic Collaborations

As the brewery awaits its day when it will once again be filled with grains and hops, I am trying to stir up some interest with other home brewers for collaborations.  Everybody has a unique sense of touch and creativity they can contribute to the brew in ingredients, process, and style.  Golden Apple BrewWerks has agreed to come to the Kopacetic Beer Factory and bring their unique touch of using atypical ingredients to craft a beast.  When I asked Jon and Liz Craig (Golden Apple Brewers) about brewing at the factory, Jon answered quickly with Barley Wine.    Boom, boom baby.  Thats why I asked them first!  The issue now is how much grain can we physically fit into the mash tun... not a bad experiment.  Up to this point, Jabba the Hop was my biggest grain bill at 30ish pounds.  From the sounds of it, we may be looking close to 40lbs for this whopper.  I'm banking on pitching a live slurry of English yeast.  Should be able to cope with the possible 1.100 O.G.  I seriously cannot wait to jump into this with Golden Apple.  Check back soon for updates.