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Kopacetic Beers

Ol' Mother Fuggle  -English Pale Ale   4.3 %abv  31 IBUs

Batch #1.  A kit recipe from Midwest Supplies.  A very smooth session beer with a sweet malty flavor upfront and floral hop balance.  Slight issues with the first time use of the brewery luckily did not bring about any off flavors.  Dextrinous wort caused by a high mash temp was the biggest issue I had with the inaugural brew but it only gave the brew more body and I've never complained about a good body.  The name came from my vision of a English ale as comforting as an old English nanny.   The label art was done by CHZ. 

Chinookie Monster -American IPA  5.7%abv  55 IBUs

A very exciting 2nd Batch.  Three hop additions and dry-hopped with Chinook hops, this golden copperish colored beer was full of the signature tropical fruit flavor of the Chinook hops.  Very smooth and easy to drink.  This Northern Brewer kit recipe was a great tasting IPA.  

The label art was done by D.Platt

Jabba the Hop  -American IPA  7.1%abv  98 IBUs

Batch 3 was another Northern Brewer kit with even more grain and more hops.  I wanted to reach above and beyond session strength.  Big malt tastes and just a hint of hop bitterness, this beer was definitely above a session brew.  Small hang-ups in the brew and fermentation left some higher alcohol and some phenolic flavors.  Still a big beer, Jabba was a suiting name.

Label art was done by CHZ.

Wrangla Weiss  - Bavarian Hefeweizen 3%abv  21 IBUs 

After a few all barley brews, I wanted to mix it up.  So, for batch 4 I went with a hefe kit from Northern Brewer.  Long story short I had an O.G. much lower than I had hoped for and thus a low strength beer.  Luckily, the beer was ready just as the weather began to get warmer and a light wheat beer was perfect.  Named after my dog, Wrangla Weiss was light and fruity.  Touch of banana and clove with a yeasty finish.  Very refreshing indeed.

Manahan Wit  -Belgian Wit 3.2%abv  16 IBUs

My mother is a Blue Moon fan, which is fine with me because its not a macro American lager.  So, for my parents' 25th anniversery and my 5th batch I wanted to make my mother a true Belgian Wit.  Bitter orange peel and corriander were added to the boil to give this beer is signature flavor.  Although I had the same issue with the O.G., this low alcohol brew is still refreshing and smooth.

Anunnaki Amber -American Amber Ale 6.3%abv  75 IBUs     

                            *KBC Original

The first original recipe from KBC!  This American Amber Ale makes you question how ambers should taste.  Sweet honey flavors from the honey malt are in the nose and on the tongue.  The delicious malt character is balanced with 5 different hops at 5 different additions.  Centennial, Summit, Citra, Cascade, and Amarillo hops all add to the subtle but juicy tropical fruit hop profile.